Workshop under the title “Social Sciences as a cultural heritage, marginalized risks”

Workshop under the title “Social Sciences as a cultural heritage, marginalized risks”

.within the framework of cooperation and scientific and academic dialogue ,to define and get benefit of experiences, the University of Rogava conducive new relations with international institutions and universities. The debates were about knowledge of the social and social science, protect and  develop the literary and the social sciences, with their critical and liberalization horizons that create large culture, the Committee’s sovereignty,that is now in a risk. Especially capitalist States, and the capitalism that are trying to devote the science for their interests, not to be in the service of communities;so the social and ethic problems become more complex

In order to build a collective international workshop, with the aim of placing these two sections of science on the UNESCO World Heritage List, a group of academic researchers has prepared a working paper on this topic, and they have included the University of Rojava in their discussions.

The worksheet was discussed on “Zoom” application on 06/26/2020, the participants discussed the content and main topics of the worksheet, many opinions were heard about it, and the discussions lasted for five continuous hours.  The main axes were: exchange of information, appeals, exchange of experiences, orientations, and famine, interdependence between different sciences, and intellectual and scientific cooperation.

  • The discussions focused on three main issues:
  • The center and ancient colonies
  • – Marginalization of social sciences
  • Knowledge and knowledge under the influence of extremism, fear, brutality, and vulnerability ..
  • Many academics and social science professionals participated in this meeting, among them we mention:
  • – Igor Papo: Member of the Ladis Research Center, University of Paris Diderot.
  • Bruno Prolón Soares: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Hester de Placis: College of Humanities, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Joel Lee Mark: The Sorbonne University.
  • Cabarine Marimoto: University of the Reunion Islands.

The forum was attended by the University of Rojava, represented by the co-chair of the university, Dr. Abdelilah Al-Mustafa, and Mrs. Gulistan Seydo, responsible for the university’s external relations office.  Dr. Abdel-Elah first spoke about the conditions of the university and the region in general, and pointed out in his speech to the importance of social sciences, considering them to be one of the most important sciences, indicating the existence of important future plans and projects for the university about it.

sc.Gulistan also participated in an intervention on women’s science (jinology), which focused on: the term, definition, foundations and importance of women’s science in building and developing real sociology.

At the end of this workshop meeting, the attendees reached proposals and decisions as follows:

The continuation and expansion of this initiative.

Convening a completed workshop soon, to be agreed upon later.

Work to support the University of Rojava.

– The proposal to hold an expanded workshop on social sciences sponsored by the University of Rojava.

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