The meeting between the University of Rojava and the Kurdish Culture Office in Rome

The meeting between the University of Rojava and the Kurdish Culture Office in Rome

In order of developing relations with the Office of Foreign Relations regarding common issues between the two parties, a meeting was held on 8th of September 2020 with members of the Office of Kurdish Culture in Rome.

Members in attendance: Professor Ahmed Soran, director of the center and doctoral student Ghiath Ramo, as members of the center, as for the University of Rojava, the co-chair of Dr. Abd al-Ilah Mustafa, responsible for the external relations office, Kulistan Seydo, and a member of the office, Jane Lily.

The purpose of holding the meeting was to evaluate work and activities, and to exchange views and suggestions. Where a good period of time passed since the continuation of the meetings, in which the co-chair addressed the explanation and clarification of the general situation of study at the university, fulfilling the obstacles and difficulties they encounter, indicating the necessity of continuing relations and proceeding with joint work.

In the same context, the director of the Culture Center in Rome, Ahmed Soran, explained that he has close ties with Italian politicians, intellectuals and academics, through which he can establish relationships that lead to good use of them. And here it is worth that this center does not have any political links or interests, but rather that it works for the sake of serving the Kurdish people in Kurdistan, on the other hand, there are many famous Italian personalities working as administrators in this center.

Through their extensive relationships with institutions, universities, and people, they can expand and establish strong relationships. Here, Soran mentioned the need to give importance to political and economic lessons and work on developing research. That is, work according to what the university requires in terms of development. The attendees indicated the possibility of establishing relations with the Jin Center in Sulaymaniyah in order to hold political sessions and raise the cultural-political level.

Within the discussions that took place over the signing of an agreement between the University of Rojava and the University of Parma in Italy, in which many common opinions were raised that ultimately led to an agreement aimed at signing an agreement in the short term with the University of Parma and holding an expanded meeting between them and the co-chairs of the University of Rojava. While putting this contract into effect, the Culture Center can express the desired opinions and discussions, in order to facilitate the work, a common vision was reached that led to great progress so that in the short term the agreement will be concluded between the two parties, that contract which is now being prepared by establishing Draft it.


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