Rojava University meeting with the Kurdish Heritage Institute in Sulaymaniyah

Rojava University meeting with the Kurdish Heritage Institute in Sulaymaniyah

With the aim of developing scientific and cultural relations with academic institutions and research centers, the University of Rojava has established, through its Office of External Relations, to develop and expand its relations.

In order to share experiences, opinions, proposals and joint projects with international and Kurdish bodies, a meeting was held between the University of Rojava and the Kurdish Heritage Institute in Sulaymaniyah.

The discussion was conducted through the (Zoom) platform and the suggestions and opinions were taken into consideration, as the discussion was full of fruitful results.

The members who joined the discussion are a member of the University administration body Furat Gernaz and Foreign Relations Officer Kulistan Seydo, member of the External Relations Office, Jane Lilly, as well as members Mazhar Khaleqi, director of the institute, and Ms. Nermin Hussein, administrative deputy at the institute and head of the research and publishing office, Yassin Hussein.

During the meeting, the two parties introduced themselves and shared the necessary information and documents. Besides, Mr. Khaleqi talked about the IKK – KHI exams that were conducted in Sulaymaniyah.

It is worth regarding that this institute was established in 2003 and has worked on collecting, recording and archiving the oral Kurdish culture and heritage and in all its dialects in order to protect it from loss and damage, in addition to that it has a will and decision in many Kurdish cities, as this The institute includes many advanced methods and a rich library that includes more than 250 books of Kurdish language and culture and between 70 to 80 printed cultural albums.

According to what Professor Khaleqi touched upon, the work must be carried out according to a scientific mechanism with a clear future vision closed to the national work and dictionaries, because the responsibility of the university, not only the scientific work but also the national, meaning that academics should not forget their culture but work for and introduce it to educational programs, starting from the primary stages to the higher levels.

During the meeting, a discussion was made about how to establish a heritage center in Rojava. There, the members of the institute agreed to provide the necessary assistance, whether in relation to methods of preparation and archiving and in relation to providing resources and references.

In the end, the two parties agreed to sign an agreement that is now being prepared, as this achievement will take place in the short term.

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