Rojava University launched a support campaign.

Rojava University launched a support campaign.

Rojava University blessed the world for the eighth anniversary of the July 19 revolution. On this occasion, under the motto “Supporting education is support for resistance.”

The campaign for support to raise the level of education announced education. And after the quarantine stage, she confirmed that through technology, man can communicate with academic institutions and universities of the world and continue his activities and activities

She affirmed that educational institutions, teachers, specialists, students and researchers can, in all material and moral means, support and support the university and split experiences with it.

One of the methods used by the university was for the teacher to give the lecture by recording videos and sounds and preparing them in writing as well and then sending them to the university

Here it is evident that the university can, and through several methods, develop and provide academic dialogues, forums and educational activities in the fields of teaching methods and scientific management.

Besides, we can say that human rights organizations and social centers can, through their plans and programs, provide moral support to students and teachers students

Also, in order to enrich the university library, they can send books, articles, and research and send them through the university’s website.

In the same field, and in relation to academic fields, in order to supervise the projects of graduate students, the university sent an invitation request for specialists and academics

Through this, they can honor, propose, and become members of the Academic Dignity Committee at the University of Rojava, thereby increasing the academic level of the university.

In the end, the university clarified the conditions for joining that all means of support must be limited to the service of upgrading the level of education, provided that it is archived and that the university protect its identity.

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