Rojava University begins the second semester using the “Online” system

Rojava University begins the second semester using the “Online” system

After the University of Rojava completed all preparations for the online teaching system, today, Sunday 3/5/2020, is the first day of the second semester of teaching university students with the “online” system.

The University of Rojava has always been suspended in its colleges and institutes as a precautionary and preventive measure to prevent the emergence of the Corona epidemic, which is sweeping the world, and accordingly, the administration body of Rojava University took measures to continue the educational process in the second semester that started today on May 3, 2020, by following the teaching system via The Internet “online”.

So, Rojava University developed the plan to be followed in teaching online during the second semester, and outlined methods for taking exams and assessments, and even practical lessons and work in the laboratories.

In order to avoid any problems during the education process through the “online” system and to avoid the emergence of problems such as power outages and the weakness of the Internet, visual lessons will be downloaded on some of the internet programs specified by the university, so that students can return to them whenever they want.

As for laboratory lessons, teachers work to record practical lessons and experiments in laboratories before the lesson, and inform students of this, and they will be displayed and sent to them.

With regard to tests and evaluation, they will be conducted online, and the teacher will inform the students of the date of delivery of these works, and the students will in turn answer that, either by writing and sending a copy of the required duty, or writing on the Microsoft Word and send it to the teacher via the Internet.

It is worth noting that the online teaching system will last about 4 months


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