Rojava University announces the start of midterm exams

Rojava University announces the start of midterm exams

The midterm exams for the second semester will start at the University of Rojava after the students have received their education via the Internet. In this context, Dr. Abdul Ilah Al-Mustafa, co-chair of the University of Rojava, explained that the Corona crisis has led to the disruption and suspension of traditional education, and despite some technical problems, the university was able to activate the education system “online”

Dr. Abdel Ilah Al-Mustafa said in his speech that despite the emergence of some shortcomings, the study in this term has continued successfully

Regarding the examinations, Dr. Abdelelah explained that the midterm exams have been prepared and the preparations for the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, and they will begin on Saturday, June 27th until July 4th.

In the same context, Dr. Abdulelah Al-Mustafa pointed out the difficulties that will face conducting these exams As the students are not located in one place, the university’s administrative body had to establish exam centers in Rumailan, Qamishlo, Al-Hasakah, Kobani and Shahba, with the identification of the officials of these centers.

Dr. Abdelelah referred to the registration of students in these centers and said: “University students from all departments can apply for exams in these centers, and students have been distributed to these centers according to their current residency”.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Abdelelah Al-Mustafa wished success to all students and thanked all the students who had joined and contributed to the online education process.

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