Physics teacher Deprtment

The physics section is one of the sections of  the education sciences in the University of Rajava, established in 2016  in Qamishlo in northern Syria, the first patch started in the inauguration year.


Prepare number of students capable of interacting with the methods of  academic research and its applications.  Shares in demand for the needs of the country from the specialists in physics and their applications. Access students to higher education for the purpose of research and rotation in physics.

Teaching system:

In order to provide teaching frameworks in the allocation of physics as soon as possible, if the teaching system in the physics section is a system compulsory and 6 semesters, it will be completed for 3 years  and include 32 competence  and incompetence articles.

Administrative structure:

There is a physics administrator  is responsible for the department and  taking the place in  the administrative management for the social sciences, as a connection between the department and the administration.


The graduated students can work in the following sectors:

1- Teaching opportunities: they can be physic teachers in the elementary or secondary schools.

2- Academic sector : A physician is able to act on a limited or technical matter inside the community or to facilitate the discussion of the centers of scientific  research and the observation of existence.

3-Medical sector: as the interact with different medical equipment and equip magnetic rhymes, and the number of special tools and convictions, with the radiance of the ray and the motion of the product all need physician.

4- The scope of electronics: the supply of companies and major industries to the development of electrical and electronic equipment and equipment calculated by the method of specialists in physics.

5- Possibility of atmospheric observation:  the physician can work in the centers of atmospheric observation and the centers of earthquakes predictions.

6- The health issue: the physician is able to spend the physical expenditure to carry out the actions of the medical examiner and to carry out the medical examinations from his ability to employ the special medical equipment with special examination.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]