We, as young freedom seeking activists, strive to become a student initiative for sake of consciousness, freedom and prosperity.

This initiative is designed by Rojava University students; our concern is to build  friendships with young students all over the world. It is based on our thoughts which are the same as other students.

We see the chances of survival nowadays are diminishing or consciously diminishing. War, massacre, religious radicalism, migration, destruction of nature, violence against women and children, destruction of individual freedom, destruction of culture, identities, poverty, and slavery increase. Where are we going? We, as future generation, in what world will live?

Those who destructed the world yesterday and today want to leave us a hellish future. It’s our pain and we know  that most of  youth and students all over the world feel the same.

Individuals such as environmentalists, internationalists, feminists, movements of oppressed peoples, and many other attempts are also struggling to stop those global catastrophes.

In addition to these valuable efforts, we would like to take such an initiative for two reasons:

First, it is for students and young people to start an endeavor with their own unique identity; because we will live in the future that is ours.  And in that matter, we see ourselves as entitled.

Second, we live in Rojava revolution! It is neither a geographical issue for us, nor a national issue.

Rojava revolution has tried to rid -our world- of capitalist era ills. Such as,  nationalism, religious radicalism, sexism, authoritarianism, and so on.

There is no paradise in Rojava(NES), it is not utopia, but in a world where capitalism has declared its victory, a small place has been created where people and society once again rise up and live by their own philosophy and beliefs.

It’s like an old tree that all authorities tried to dry out, but its roots has grown green again; it is the region of Rojava and North-East of Syria.

Rojava belongs to all human societies who resisted destruction and occupation, a piece of mother nature that has emerged under the concrete and iron bars of capitalism. Rojava is like a woman who has become a freedom fighter in the face of aggression. Like a young man who is decisively building his future. Rojava is for all of us.

In fact, Rojava and NES is one of defending front lines of the humanity wars in the 21st century.

Our presence  has put us under heavy responsibility. We have to fight for the freedom of all identities. It brings us great pride, even great dangers.

Fascism and religious terrorism are like two twins in the Turkish state are getting wilder day by day.

NATO alliance, Qatar’s money, technology support from Israel and western countries, political support from countries like Germany. Silence of world politics against the Kurdish-Yezidi and Christian massacres, trade with fate of the Kurdish people by the United States and Russia, the alliance of Middle Eastern dictators against the Kurdish people, and the cooperation of betrayal line with Turkey, have taken the risk to a serious level.

But we are talking about the massacre.

A massacre of all sides and masses! We are on the front line of the war against fascism and we will certainly resist, not being the only goals of those groups.

If fascism-terrorism prevails against Rojava revolution, racism and violence will intensify all over the world and will affect the oppressed identities.

Chronicler and historians say that Hitler taught the Nazi party the Armenian Genocide of 1915 as a successful attempt at genocide and carried out the Holocaust.

 Is fascism in the world waiting for another massacre by thr Turkish fascism to use as an experience in the 21st century?

We as students know that fascism-terrorism is not just about armed conflict, it culd takes place anywhere in the world where one or more identities or communities are attacked. Wherever violence against women occurs, in any country where libertarians are tortured in prisons, when civilians are being killed on the streets of Europe, when the amazon forests are burning and when children are looking for food in the garbage and on the terraces, there are all the same fascists attacking us with weapons!

 Dear students!

Fascism and terrorism are strong because of its many supporters! All authorities are made from the same sperm and hold each other back.

But we are stronger than these because all societies, identities, cultures, and all the oppressed are also born of one mother! If our concern is common, so should our struggle be.

We saw during the resistance in, Afrin, Girê Sipî, and Serêkaniyê that we are a global force for justice and have spread all over the world. So far we struggle very confidently and our motivation is very strong.

Children of  mother freedom will defeat fascism and terrorism! Our initiative is for the children of freedom to be united so that  ruling forces will not take the world of hell to hell.

“FUTURE SPEAKS” means that we make the university a space of unity and speak the truth with a loud voice.

let us call one another, not just to speak, but to shape our future. This is our right, we are the future, we will talk. Let’s talk and decide about our future world together

How we work:

We will invoke the conscience of the world and let them aware the acts of fascism-terrorism.

Therefore, we will inform the public about all the inhumane acts of the Islamist gangs and the Turkish occupiers.

– We will carry out all kinds of field activities everywhere against fascism or terrorism;

– We fully respect the students of all universities in the world, regardless of the level of student organizations, make connections with groups and individuals and share ideas;

– We will work with all those who volunteer with our initiative at every level plan joint activities, meetings, workshops, conferences and strengthen unity;

– We will liaise and collaborate with all oppressed identity organizations, environmentalists, feminists, and internationalists.

Greetings and Respect


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