After a long series of studies, research, ,local medical and Kurdish conferences, many meetings and discussion with social institutions, and in view of the increasing need for medical personnel, especially because of the crisis in the region particular and Syria in general. It was decided to open an academy of medical sciences to supply the region with the necessary medical scientific staff, as the academy was opened on the fourth of May 2017, and the selection of Roj Hospital in the city of Serêkaniyê, the district of Aljazeera , to include the specializations of human medicine and nursing according to a special program of the academy that provides an intensive academic study and an internal system according to hours and materials that are in line with international standards for the study of human medicine and with the help of a specialized teaching staff of doctors, pharmacists and local teachers. On September 7, 2018, the academy’s headquarter was moved to Qamishlo to improve teaching conditions and educational capabilities, where three batches of nursing students were graduated and students continued to be admitted to the Department of Human Medicine for three consecutive years. The Academy, with the assistance of its teaching staff, participated with the Health Ministry in the region Al-Jazeera conducts exams to amend three batches of medical certificates from human medicine, pharmacy and dentistry for foreign university graduates who are not duly modified in Syria

At the beginning of the academic year 2019/2020 and to complete the educational process and with the aim of developing the educational system, a decision was made to convert the Health Academy into a medical college within the colleges of the University of Rojava, where students will be admitted into it from the academic year 2020/2021 in accordance with the admission eligibility of the University of Rojava and in accordance with the conditions for each College

Faculty of medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is one of the colleges of Rojava University in Qamishlo


Graduating general doctors to practice medicine

Admission to the College of Medicine

Students are admitted to the medical school for holders of the secondary school diploma according to the differentiation system approved by Rojava University

Teaching system

The college adopts the 12-semester semester system distributed over six years, so that the first semester of the first academic year is a preparatory stage eligible for study in the college and the eleventh and twelfth semesters to complete practical training within hospitals

Teaching in the college is based on theoretical materials and practical training in laboratories, hospitals, and general medical clinics

Work field for medical school graduates

The student gets a bachelor’s degree in medicine

Practicing the medical profession as a general practitioner within private clinics or public and private hospitals

Submission to graduate studies in the field of human medicine and its sciences

Applying for the degree of specialization in one of the branches of human medicine