Dear friends who want to participate in the campaign; you can announce your participation in the following:

Attention: To participate in the campaign, you should fill the forms.


✦ If you are a teacher, record some lectures in your area of expertise and share them with us. It could be videos lessons, audio lessons, or text.

✦ If you are an educational expert, you can help us to develop a learning strategy plan, provide workshops, or suggest educational projects in pedagogy and university management.

✦ If you are a humanitarian organization, community center, you can provide psychosocial support to staff, teachers, and students through your projects or trainers.

✦ If you are a university or school, you can help us by organizing exchange programs between teachers and students remotely and on-site.

✦ Due to the conditions that we live and function, we lack resources such as books or any other learning resources, and therefore we would like to call on everyone who can provide us books, learning resources, or translate them.

✦ We invite all university professors and academics to help us by supervising our MA and Ph.D. students remotely and on-site.

✦ If you would like to be the honorary member of our academic committee to provide advice, please inform us.

✦ Start working on university accreditation and system.


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