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The University of Rojava inaugurates the postgraduation institute of Social Sciences

The University of Rojava, in the presence of the university’s students and teachers, opened the Postgraduate institute of Social Sciences.

Students continue to take entrance exams for the second day

The University of Rojava, and within its preparations for the new academic year,

Rojava University meeting with the Kurdish Heritage Institute in Sulaymaniyah

With the aim of developing scientific and cultural relations with academic institutions and research centers,

The meeting between the University of Rojava and the Kurdish Culture Office in Rome

In order of developing relations with the Office of Foreign Relations regarding common issues between the two parties,

A written test for students wishing to study for the MA

Students wishing to study a master’s degree in the agricultural and petroleum engineering departments apply for a written test. Therefore

The University of Rojava opens the Faculty of Religious Sciences

The University of Rojava opens the Faculty of Religious Sciences with its following departments: Islamic religion, Christianity, and Yazidi religion

Registration centers continue to receive students to register for the University eligibility admission

Since the date of 08/25/2020, students continue to flock to the registration centers for the University

The universities of Rojava and Kobani announce the extension eligibility admission

to their colleges and institutes for the academic year 2020/2021,



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