Call for involvement in support Campaign

Supporting Resistance is supporting Education

The change could start from one person, your contribution matters. We aim to reach a healthy, developed, and up-to-date society, through supporting education.

8th anniversary of the Rojava revolution- 19 July 2012

(Li Mirovahiyê Pîroz be)

Similar to many well-known revolutions that have occurred in the world, leaving their mark in the history and regenerating a new society, Rojava revolution began in the city of Kobane, its waves not only extended to the regions of Efrin and Czere, the revolution eventually came into life, expanded, and crossed the boundaries of Rojava. Rojava revolution leads the path in defending the universal human values. Revolutions give voice to all people who desire peace and democracy. Peoples’ hopes can only be fulfilled in freedom. The women’s revolution is against the existing patriarchal mindset. The struggle is against brutal reactionary fundamentalist forces and oppressive authoritarian regimes.

Rojava revolution is an intellectual and scientific revolution. With all its achievements, it has become a source of inspiration and a model. Many governments and parties cannot face the reality of what this revolution has achieved and are afraid of it; therefore, they launch violent attacks on the Rojava region. Many plans have been made to destroy this revolutionary project. Nonetheless, international support and the number of friends who have put their faith in this project is increasing. The resistance exercised in Rojava is unmatched. However, there is a need for the expansion of this exemplary resistance. Everyone can contribute and participate in their respective ways. Supporting the Rojava revolution means supporting human values.

Establishment of Rojava University

During the extreme and rapid changes and transformations occurring in the region, despite the hardships, lack of resources, ongoing wars, and various other threats on the North and East of Syria, Rojava University was founded in 2016 in the city of Qamishli. Since then the University’s faculties and departments have welcomed more than 1500 students.

Intending to build an alternative education system, the University of Rojava has introduced a new philosophy, opening new horizons, and embedding fundamental rights, principles as well as values into its education system: respect for multiculturalism and multilingualism, equality between women and men, environmental justice, independent-minded people, and critical thinking. We are trying through our institutions and our unique ways of governance to build a modern and democratic system as opposed to a traditional system, and that in itself is a revolution.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and due to lack of efficient health facilities, many serious measures have been taken in our region as a result to ensure the continuation of the educational processes in Rojava. Rojava University has started remote learning as an alternative to on-site education for the moment, and it is working to adapt to the situation. While there are shortcomings, we would overcome the obstacles. With that in mind, you all as academic institutions, teachers, experts, researchers, and students at the international level can help us in different ways. We would like to call on everyone who can offer support by providing funds, sharing experiences, building bridges of solidarity, etc.

 The University of Rojava recommends all to get in touch and support in the following ways:

-If you are a teacher, record some lectures in your area of expertise and share them with us. It could be videos lessons, audio lessons, or text.

-If you are an educational expert, you can help us to develop a learning strategy plan, provide workshops, or suggest educational projects in pedagogy and university management.

-If you are a humanitarian organization, community center, you can provide psychosocial support to staff, teachers, and students through your projects or trainers.

-If you are a university or school, you can help us by organizing exchange programs between teachers and students remotely and on-site.

-Due to the conditions that we live and function, we lack resources such as books or any other learning resources, and therefore we would like to call on everyone who can provide us books, learning resources, or translate them.

-We invite all university professors and academics to help us by supervising our MA and Ph.D. students remotely and on-site.

-If you would like to be the honorary member of our academic committee to provide advice, please inform us.

-Start working on university accreditation and system.

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